Payment for 2022 Registration

REGISTRATION FEES: Priests & Men Religious  $100.00 
                                        Women Religious            $ 50.00
                                        First time attendees should add a membership fee of $10.00 plus the registration fee.

                                                        ATTENTION PRIESTS AND DEACONS
In light of the provisions of canon 903 CIC and canon 703, §1 CCEO, if you plan to attend the Twenty-First Annual Convention, July 27-30, 2022
in Des Moines, Iowa, a Letters of Suitability is required by all clergy when performing ministerial duties outside of your Archdiocese/Diocese.
Please submit your Letter of Suitability at least four weeks prior to the event.  Please send to, Jason Kurth, Chancellor at
and cc: Lendy at:  Please check with your Office of Clergy and Religious for assistance with your Letter of Suitability.


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