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  • Quarterly General Zoom Meetings: for members: These meetings involve the entire membership for updates, discussions, and reports from sub committees.


  • Executives Bi-Monthly Zoom Meeting: The executive team of AWRC intends to hold bi-monthly Zoom meetings. These meetings are typically more focused and involve key decision-makers or leaders within the organization. It’s a good practice to schedule these meetings on fixed dates or as needed, depending on the organization’s priorities.


  • As the Need Arises: In addition to the scheduled meetings, there’s a provision for ad-hoc meetings as needed. This flexibility is essential for addressing urgent matters or emerging issues that may require immediate attention.


For information contact:

Sister Henrietta Okoro, HHCJ

AWRC – Publicity Secretary. E-mail:

Sr. Maria Nnachebe Chiotu, DDL

AWRC – President E-mail: